Montgomery College Foundation

 Strengthening the New Generation of Learners


Finding the means to pay for higher education has become increasingly difficult, given the current economic state and climbing tuition costs.


Most often, undergraduate and graduate students apply for scholarships in hopes of minimizing their eventual debt. According to Forbes Magazine, only “11 percent of students from bottom-quartile families graduate from four-year universities” because they are unable to pay for schooling.


The Montgomery College Foundation, a charitable organization run by communities leaders, aims to assist students with the arduous journey of paying for college.


The foundation is a volunteer run institution that organizes various scholarship opportunities for students that attend Montgomery College.


Funds for scholarships are usually generated from “local businesses, foundations, community leaders, alumni, and college faculty and staff”.


As many as 40 percent of MC students have received financial aid or scholarships. The MC College Foundation provides more than $1.25 million in scholarship funds for about 900 students annually.


The range of scholarships available can vary based on factors such as financial need or academic achievement.


The foundation’s priorities include funding for need-based scholarships such as ACES (Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success), which provides support to students in Montgomery County who are at risk of

not attending college.


However, various merit-based scholarships have been established with the help of generous donors, such as Gordon and Marilyn Macklin who founded The Macklin Business Institute in 1999, a honors program for high-achieving students interested in pursuing business related careers.

Other programs, including “Combat2College”, assist veterans and active duty military personnel who enroll at Montgomery College.

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