Ask the Advocat #1


Ask the Advocat

Dear Advo-cat,
The love of my life does not believe in herself. She is going through a rough patch and I can’t make her hear me. How can I be supportive and make her see herself for the awesome lady that she is?

You know, it may seem tough right now, but it seems like your awesome lady friend just needs a little space. Believing in yourself is something that comes and goes with the level of success that a person feels that he or she has achieved. If she’s going through a rough patch, perhaps she’s just trying to sort some things out at the moment.

I’m going to be honest, sometimes, we feel like we’re being useless by being idle in a friendship. Definitely tell her that you’re there to talk if she needs someone there for her, but leaving her alone for awhile might be more useful for her. When she starts to pull herself out of the rut she’s stuck in, she’ll be able to feel as awesome as you believe she is.

I hope that things work out for both you and her.
Good luck!


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