Paul Adams Draws Controversy On Campus


Paul Adams preaching

Paul Adams preaching
Paul Adams preaching

On Mondays, between the Humanities and Computer Science buildings, Paul Adams brings his brand of worship to Montgomery College Rockville Campus to a bevy of mixed opinions.

“What god says is what matters.” said Adams during one of his talks that took place on September 15.

Adams speaks weekly in the same spot, and he’s known for a board he uses to assist him. He calls this board the “Preach-O-Matic.”

Adams paints on this board which includes various aspects of his speeches such as Israel’s flag, a bleeding cross and a few of the words that he uses in his speeches often.

“He seems like he knows what he’s talking about” said student Donell Davis on the Evangelist. “The way he presents it, and the artwork, [it] definitely brings a new appeal to what he’s talking about.”

Adams has been publicly preaching for more than twenty years and he attends a non denominational church in his spare time. In the process of becoming an Evangelist, Adams attended Washington Bible College.

Adams’ speeches are quite often divisive, with some students vocally disagreeing with him.

“I don’t agree with how he goes about doing things.” said student Saad Merzouk on Adams, “Somebody had to speak up, and I’m an outspoken person.”

Paul Adam's working on his Preach-O-Matic while students watch
Paul Adam’s working on his Preach-O-Matic while students watch

Adams is amongst many different people that have been and continue to advocate multiple causes on the busy Rockville Campus.

These activists are protected by the Campus’ Freedom of Expression policy which states that the College’s community has its right to freedom of speech, expression and peaceful assembly, as long as those actions don’t disrupt the college’s standard operations or act in the College’s name without express permission. Demonstrators must also follow a number of rules such as not demonstrating inside of buildings, not blocking entrances or stairwells amongst other things.