Title IX Act For Students: What You Might Not Have Known


Adriano Cassoma

Sophomore Yesenia Mora, 2, attacks the ball. (Photo Credit: Adriano cassoma)


According to Montgomery College’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-discrimination Policy (31006), Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy and related conditions—in educational programs and activities that are eligible for federal funding.


Although the Title IX act gets the majority of it’s publicity and recognition from athletics, there is much more to the act than equality for women in the sports. What’s more, social issues top the priority list when it comes to colleges’ requirements of obeying the Title IX curriculum.


Reported by Christopher Moy, Director of ADA Compliance and title IX, Montgomery College makes as many possible accommodations to pregnant and parenting students. This is to encourage the idea of pursuing academic endeavors regardless of your physical state.


As stated by Inside Higher Education magazine, 61 percent of students who have a child after enrolling in a community college drop out before finishing a degree or credential. This dropout rate is 64 percent higher than students who are not pregnant or parenting.


Under the Education Amendment of 1972, Title IX stipulates that no person in a higher education should be discriminated against due to harassment, sexor gender. Pregnancy falls under this category.


Specifically with pregnancy at MC, students should not receive negative attention from the school. If applying to be a student while pregnant, there is nowhere in the application process that requires mentioning this. However, one can feel free to mention it to receive information and help right away.


Many accommodations can be made for pregnant students seeking help. Elevators are available in every building for students unable to climb stairs all day to get to their classes and there are restrooms on almost every story of any building


Any absences during pregnancy due to medical appointments must be understood by professors. Many of the professors at Montgomery College have a compulsory attendance policy. Students are at risk of getting a lower grade or even failing if they are absent for a given number of classes This, of course, depends with each professor’s respective policy, but the cases are there.


However, MC accommodates pregnant students by excusing these absences if the absences can be verified by a doctor. Therefore, a professor cannot penalize a pregnant student for her absence and must allow her to make up for the credit from the classes missed.


Montgomery College also provides students with a larger classroom desk if needed. Many times the tables are not big enough so students can be provided with a chair and desk in their classes rather than the connected table chair.

Students are also allowed frequent trips the restroom during classes. To further enhance Montgomery College and support pregnant students, all three campuses are in correspondence to begin making lactation rooms available on each campus.
For more information about pregnancy related issues or Title IX in general at Montgomery College, visit the Montgomery college Office of Compliance homepage or contact Christopher Moy at [email protected]