Trustee Position Will Enhance Students’ MC Experience

The Montgomery College Board of Trustees is seeking applicants for its Student Trustee position. This job, though unpaid, allows a student to participate in appointing the college president, creating college policy, and approving budgets and expenditures for the college said Dr. Stephen Cain, the chief of staff and chief strategy officer at MC .It was announced in a press conference on Monday March 10.

According to Cain, a position such as this is a rare opportunity in Maryland, only Montgomery College, Prince George’s Community College, and Anne Arundel Community College have a student representative on their Boards. Having a student trustee is a “forward and progressive step to take,” Cain said. The appointed student is a full voting member of the Board and has equal partnership in the decisions but brings a valuable student perspective.

The Official College Policies and Procedures are developed and approved by the Board. According to Cain, the trustees receive packets of reports and resolutions that range from 40 to 300 pages to review for monthly board meetings. The board, including the student must study the packets to prepare for policymaking and important decisions. Not only do student trustees participate in the monthly meetings, they are also appointed to committees that address specific issues Cain said.  

Cain said students are told to expect at least 200 hours per year. But it is a “two way street” he said. The Board benefits from having a student in the room, they become more aware of how decisions affect students. He says students gain unique advantages and benefits. “Many find great satisfaction with finding their voice” within the Board.

“Student trustees are always able and willing to share their voice on topics that came up” Cain said. And they are not afraid to speak out on issues that are important to students. According to Cain students have voted against tuition increases when many board members were in favor of them.

Cain said it is important to remember that the student trustee “brings to the board the student voice, but is not the voice of students.” Since the board members do not have constituencies, they are using their own judgement but are always working for the good of the college he said.

Cain said the appointment committee looks for a student who has a “deep passion for MC and wants to see it be everything it can be and be part of the governing body who makes those decisions.”


To find out more about the position and how to apply, click here.