Club Rush Offers a Sampling of Clubs and Organizations

Club Rush Offers a Sampling of Clubs and Organizations

The first week of the semester for a college student is a pain. You try to strike the balance between class, homework and extra curriculars and often miss out on some of the perks of the new semester such as meeting new people and finding resources for your ambitions, hobbies and interests. Figuring out your schedule only to become exhausted and empty with boredom.


Take heart, for on the third week of classes is Montgomery College’s Club Rush. It may sound like you are being sworn into a fraternity. But no, its where students can make connections to pursue their interests through clubs and organizations. Students can get information on clubs and get a feel of what they’re about while meeting some of MC’s best, brightest, goofiest, and hottest students.


Karim, member of The Filmmaking club, helps a future member signing in. (Photo. Adriano Cassoma)
Karim, member of The Filmmaking club, helps a future member sign in at Club Rush fall 2013. (Photo. Adriano Cassoma)

The fall semester’s Club Rush was a smashing success and showed that at MC there is a club for everyone. There are engineers, veterans, poets, astronomers, divers, journalists, martial artists, dancers, photographers, and actors all representing their clubs plus many more. This event shows students that MC has a place for everyone to learn more about and pursue their interests.


If you cannot find the exact club you are looking for, start your own. Talk to the Office of Student Life staff at Club Rush and fun people interested in your idea. To start a club, contact Val Melgosa Student Life Specialist (clubs A-L), at [email protected] or Jane Ssemanda Student Life Specialist (clubs M-Z), at [email protected].


Club Rush will be held on Feb. 12 at 12p.m. until 2 p.m. in the Theatre Arts Arena on the Rockville Campus. The Office of Student Life will provide popcorn and smoothies for those that attend. If you are interested in learning to breakdance, want to find like minded people with whom to make films, find people who share similar aspirations and beliefs or just want to make new friends, Club Rush is a great place to start.