Students Acknowledge Cultural Diversity at Montgomery College


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Montgomery College celebrated Cultural Diversity Day Wednesday, Nov. 20 as part of International Education Week.

“It’s a way to bring cultures together, diversify and educate,” said Michael King, a student who attended the event.

The Small Gym was set up with tables, each covered in colored tablecloths, were for different clubs (or anyone who signed up).  Amongst the cultures represented were those of Ecuador, Persia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Colombia, and the Caribbean Islands. Other tables were represented by clubs such as Jewish Student Union, The Filmmakers Club, International Studies Club, Stargazers, Rockville Student Senate, MC Steppers, and The Advocate.

There were also performances on the stage throughout the event. MC Steppers performed at the beginning, showing of their moves. The Native American Club performed traditional dances. The Jamaican Club danced to reggae music.

Starting at 11:30 doors opened up for students to walk around and experience the cultural diversity. Many tables had food from the various cultures represented. Some tables also had games or activities for students while conveying information and facts on their group’s culture.  The event closed with an International Culturally themed fashion show.

According to Wesley Kane, a student at Montgomery College, International Education Week was an “opportunity for people to congregate… [students] get to talk to different clubs, have fun, and relax.”