Ad Attack

Original: May 10, 2011

By: Sara Hong

Contributing Writer


Companies develop new advertising tactics for the web

Due to the rising popularity of the internet, marketers are getting busy, trying to find innovative channels to advertise their goods and services. The new marketing trend is a focus on speedy and powerful channels, such as social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and other blogs. With the sheer size of social networking, any user is a potential marketing target.

However, companies should be aware of the side effects of social networking. While they can effectively spread relevant information, social sites can also rapidly spread inaccurate information as well. Because of this, marketers should be critical of using the fastest method available.

Another new internet trend is called “freemium,” a combination of free and premium. Essentially, companies offer about 90 percent of their information for free, which is supposed to hook potential customers. Companies then charge a fee for access to the most significant information, leaving the free consumers wanting more.

Because the cost of advertising on the internet is a lot cheaper than physical media, like newspapers and magazines, most marketers are focusing on developing freemium as their main advertising method. However, they should be wary of the potential outcomes of adopting a new trend.

Even though the investment in freemium may be relatively small, marketers should be cautious of any drop-off in the revenue it provides. Losing money in a trend like freemium is like a small leak in a gas pipe. Because any initial loss is so inconsequential, companies might be tempted to stick with fermium due to its low cost.

Before adopting new trends into their advertising, marketers should follow that trend’s success or failure to stay relevant with consumers. This would enable companies to make more educated business decisions and maximize advertising success.