Editor-in-cuffs week 8


Ouzy begins the week sporting earth tones, khaki cuffs and desert buck bootlets. These frame dark green stripe socks. On the first day back from Thanksgiving break our noble editor-in-cuffs rolls in full of turkey and burritos — or is it just turkey burritos? Either way, he’s not energetic enough to get snacks for his faithful staff.


Blue and green socks stand out from Ouzy’s blue jean cuffs and the hopefully-now-famous desert boots. This morning, Thurston and Ouzy, make their way to the local Giant in search of office snack, and this time, it’s enough to last more than one hour in the presence of a hungry Brooks and Ouzy. Everyone is also relieved to hear that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is now available for consumption, with no BBMTs (our editor’s favorite) to distract you. Despite the abundance of snacks and possibilities, Ouzy allegedly wanted to open the jar of guacamole but couldn’t open it by himself. Sadly, he was alone in the office at the time. (Edit: he claims to have gotten the jar open with no eye witnesses).


Smartly dressed in black cuffs, purple socks, and red chucks, Ouzy is ready for anything, perhaps even everything. And what does anything and everything mean? AN OFFICE DANCE PARTY! As expected, but maybe unfortunately, the Backstreet Boys were especially featured as well as Brooks’ dancing skills. He can even dance while watching himself dance on his phone. In more impactful news, the Advocate was present at the blood drive and helped save lives.


A busy day for me, but apparently not for the office. I arrive to find Ouzy wearing a subdued combination of khaki cuffs, beige and purple striped socks, and his desert boots. He is also socializing, not working on updating the site. Some people are also claiming that I only come in for pictures and snacks. That is an outrageous allegation but often true. Just don’t tell Ouzy.


Friday finally came, and with it, the Advocate staff meeting. A roll of duct tape had appeared in the office and from that came a table football of course. From Ouzy’s unsmiling expression it was clear he did not appreciate the fun environment that was created with the football. Thurston participated, as did Brooks, while Ouzy looked on and tried to tell the staff to get off their hind parts and actually produce some good material for the website. Meanwhile Ouzy wears blue jean cuffs, suede shoes, and multicolored socks.