Editor-in-cuffs week 7: a few days late, nary a penny short

In our “Editor-in-Cuffs” feature, we look back at the week in socks of our editor-in-chief, Ousmane Mariko. Very early on, it was apparent that his sock collection was both massive and highly colorful, so we decided that we had to share to the world what we witness everyday.


It’s the first day of the last full week before Thanksgiving — lightens the heart, right? It did for Ouzy, because he came into the office sporting black cuffs matched with black, white, and red striped socks and his trusty canary yellow Adidas shoes. You would think that the collective weightlessness of internal organs would inspire someone to, say, get snacks for certain intrepid writers and photographers, but apparently not. Even so, hard work did occur in the office by a few of the best staff.


A momentous occasion for the staff of the mighty, news providing Advocate. SNACKS! To celebrate and show his great appreciation for his underlings, Ouzy wears goldenrod cuffs, purple and grey striped socks, and nubuck boots. Please excuse me for calling them suede in previous posts — our faculty advisor Thurston informed me of the exact shoe material. Side note: it’s important to note that most of the snacks were gone by the time I stopped by the office at lunch time.


This is really exciting — new socks! These recently acquired socks are sky blue with white and grey triangles. To complement them, Ouzy dons navy blue cuffs and the canary yellow Adidas shoes. Thurston decides to hang out with the amazing Advocate staff, consisting of Ouzy and myself.


Brainstorming for the Advocate’s upcoming magazine goes well with green cuffs, wide-striped socks, and the bootlets in which Ouzy takes much pride. Many witnessed a table being flipped multiple times, which is said to have been by the student body performing the dance to “Gangnam Style.”


Dark striped socks are framed by flavescent cuffs and buck desert boots. No news on the meeting, the magazine was the supposed topic of discussion. I hope snacks were also brought up as well as access to the OSL kitchen. Also, make sure to check out the iPad mini review our excellent editor wrote.