Pollard: building a sports arena ‘highly unlikely’

At the recent town hall meeting held this past Tuesday, Dr. DeRionne Pollard admitted that a new sports complex beyond what the colleges have now would be “highly unlikely.”

A question asked by student Isaiah Wallace addressed the issue of sharing sports time across the three campuses.

“It would be highly unlikely to fund a facility dedicated to sports”, Pollard said. “We would have to privately raise for that, and something of that magnitude would easily be in the $70-100 million range.”

This fall marked the beginning of the new MC Raptors sports era in which all three college campuses have one team per sport, bringing the challenge of deciding which campus will host a home game. With basketball season upon us, the home matches for the men’s and women’s teams are played on the Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma Park campuses.

“If the sports arena were to be a reality, it would most likely be at one of the campuses, which wouldn’t be fair to the other campuses”, said Pollard.