Designer and former MC student Kelly Tang: ‘experience as much as possible as you can as a student’

Kelly Tang is a young and bright entrepreneur who launched her second clothing collection on Oct. 20, at the Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo.

Her collection is very simple and modest design. Because some of her dresses sit a couple of inches above the knee, they seem to better-suit a working woman. Tang hopes that “the women that wear [the] clothing [will] feel confident and bold.”

“I want them to feel as if they can conquer the world.”

Tang, a Marymount University graduate, actually attended MC for a summer where she took jewelry and metal-smithing classes and art history.

“I want them to feel as if they can conquer the world.””

“I loved those classes,” Tang said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my classes at MC. My professors were all extremely knowledgeable and caring. I am definitely looking to take more classes at MC. For the quality of education and affordability, MC is a great option, especially with this economy.”

Being a designer was something she always wanted to do. “[Fashion] has always been something that has come naturally to me. I always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 11, even before I knew that being a fashion designer could be possible. It’s always been something that I’ve been drawn to.”

Kelly Tang offered the following advice to college students:

  1. “Write down everything you want to achieve — even the crazy impossible things — and plan from there.”
  2. “Experience as much as you can as a student, from studying abroad to joining that club. Don’t worry too much about what people think of you, or that grade. School will seriously just fly by. Enjoy it and try your best.”
  3. “It’s okay if your dreams or plans change or don’t go exactly as planned. It’s completely okay. People don’t tell you that things change, but they can. You just have to keep on going, and never give up.”


Photos by Paloma Centeno.