#MCVotes2012: voting photos from the MC community

This year’s presidential election is undoubtedly going down in history. Whether you’re voting for President Barack Obama or voting for Governor Mitt Romney, the outcome is sure to affect the world for more than the next four years. That being said, we’re doing something interesting for Election Day and the days leading up to it: the Advocate going to feature pictures of members of the Montgomery College community (students, faculty, and staff) happily showing off their “I just voted” stickers, pins, and faces.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Tweet at us or tweet a photo with the hashtag #MCvotes2012.
  2. Post your to our Facebook page.
  3. Post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #MCvotes2012. Our Instagram handle is “mcadvocate.”
  4. Email it to me at ousmane (at) mcadvocate.com.

Sounds good? And even if you vote early, you can certainly let us know that you voted.

Voter photos