Summer Planning Guidelines

Original: May 10, 2011

By: Sarah Elborai

Staff Writer

Tips on how to balance work and play

Summer is finally here folks! Time to relax, lay back, and enjoy a few months of freedom. However, Montgomery College students need to consider how productive their summer plans are and how that affects their futures. Here are some tips on creating a good balance between relaxation and productivity during summer vacation:

Credits. Summer classes are open for registration, so this is your chance to get classes out of the way before the Fall and Spring semesters! This helps you stock up on credits at a faster pace, giving you the possibility of early graduation.

Internships. One key to beginning your major or your career path towards success is getting an internship. The Center of Career and Community Engagement website states that through an internship you “become more knowledgeable about general work functions in your field, you enhance and strengthen your resume, and you gain an increased awareness of skills, attributes, personal qualities, and values.” It’s an excellent way to show off what you’ve learned during the semester and put it to good use. As a bonus many of these internships are paid.

Living in the city? Well, it’s time let yourself go and relax in the countryside, at the beach, or any place where traffic is not a problem. Options near DC include Virginia Beach, Sandy Point State Park, and Point Lookout State Park. According to, they all accommodate recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, shops, nightlife and more.

Been busy all semester with friends, studying, and work? Plan a trip with your family and go explore! This is your chance to have fun and catch up on all their news and adventures.

Best of all, do something out of the ordinary! Be creative with your summer! It’s important to take control of these couple of months in order to both enjoy your summer and create successful paths for your future.