Spice Xing

Original: May 10, 2011 Issue 16

By: Matt Fleming

Staff Writer

An All too familiar Americanized feel

Earlier this week, a friend of mine came in town for a visit. Knowing that I needed to write a review of a local eatery, I thought to myself, “I don’t go into Rockville Town Center enough,” and I suggested that we meet there for dinner. Randomly, we chose the upscale, Indian restaurant, Spice Xing.

I must admit the name really bothers me. It sounds Americanized. I certainly don’t have anything against all things American, but I do prefer ethnic food to be…ethnic. Fortunately, this was my biggest complaint.

They were not very busy, so we were sat immediately. The service was excellent. Our waiter was attentive, and he was decisive when I asked for a recommendation. When I requested “the best thing on the menu,” he referred me to Balchao Shrimp, which is a Portuguese influenced dish. As an appetizer, he suggested Chicken Kathi Rolls, which could be described as Indian burritos. Both dishes were excellent.

Personally, I found the portioning a bit small, but my friend said that he actually appreciated it, so I am giving the tie to the restaurant. Also, the manager came by our table a few times to see if we needed anything, providing an extra level of comfort.

I have to give the restaurant 3 ½ stars. I want to go higher, because I enjoyed the food and the experience and because the staff was so attentive, but the American influence bothered me too much. When I eat food of foreign origin, I really want to get a sense that what I am eating is authentic. I want to feel like I am on vacation, travelling to a distant land. I didn’t get that feeling here, even though their recipes may have been totally authentic.

Spice Xing
100-B Gibbs St.
Rockville, MD 20850
Average Price – $15-$40 per person
Rating – 3 ½ stars (out of 5)