Active Minds looks to educate about mental health

Active Minds president and Montgomery College student Alicia Diggs holds mental health education close to her heart. “Personally, I suffer from depression. I didn’t know for a while, and I got help — I see a therapist once a week. I’m progressing and making myself a better person,” Diggs said.

Active Minds is a national organization whose purpose is to educate college communities about mental health issues. According to the organization, 44 percent of college students report having felt depressed in the past year to the point of it affecting their ability to function. In addition, 66 percent of students who end up needing help never do.

“I would describe [Active Minds] as motivating and encouraging and educating students about mental health. And making sure everybody feels comfortable in their own skills,” Diggs said. Encouraging students to seek help early is key.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, Active Minds will hold their first meeting in the Rockville Counseling Department at 3:30 p.m. And going forward, meetings are on every second Tuesday of each month. On Nov. 6, Active Minds will hold a Walk for Stigma, a 3-mile walk held on campus starting at 4 p.m.

“This is a way for people to get closer to people that are just like you — you’re not alone. There’s nobody bigger than you. You can handle your situation no matter what it is.”