‘Math and Origami’ not just for squares

Friday, September 28 marked the beginning of the fall 2012 run of Math Talks, Montgomery College Rockville’s semesterly math-related presentations. The 50-minute talk, held by Professor Ariana Dundon, explored how solving complex math equations and the art of paper folding paper came together.

“That has a really rich history, with all of these famous Italians who had this huge feud as to who would solve the cubic equation first,” she said.

“The goal here is we’re trying to make it very accessible, so people with all sorts of backgrounds can understand what’s going on.”

The next discussion will be held Friday, Oct. 5 in Science West 010 at 2 p.m. Titled “Very Odd Odds: When Chance Defies Common Sense,” Professor Tom Gleim will explore how probability and odds affects our everyday lives.