Adele “21” Album Review

Original May 10, 2011 Issue 16

By: Elizabeth Whiting

Staff Writer

Adele’s latest album, “21”, has been at number one on iTunes, and the track “Rolling in the Deep” is number one on the iTunes singles chart. This album is incredibly different from what is currently out on the market today and has amazed fans everywhere. Even listening to our local radio stations, it is hard to avoid hearing one of her catchy songs.

She is even popular here on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College; student Joel Castillo has already named it his “favorite album of the year.” A contestant at the Student Senate Talent Show performed Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

Some of her other hits include “One and Only,” “Don’t You Remember,” and “Turning Tables.” After listening to the soul and spirit in her lyrics, fans will agree that her alto voice will give you chills. Stars such as Beyonce have compared Adele’s voice to that of a god.

Anyone who has not yet bought or listened to this album is surely missing out! It is available for purchase online through iTunes and Amazon, as well as music retail stores such as Barnes and Nobles, Target and Best Buy.