More Than Just A Welcome Back

Original: February 8, 2011 Issue 10

By: Aline Barros

Staff Writer


On the afternoon of February 3, Montgomery College Rockville Campus hosted their spring time “Welcome Back Event.” The afternoon included food and actvities such as Dance Dance Revolution.

“The Welcome Back Event is for students to have fun, interact with each other and have a sense of what college community is all about,” said Lisa Hackley, Events Coordinator at the Rockville Campus.

“It is in events like this that students sometimes meet people with the same interests, and in the future become best friends,” added Hackley.

Peter Scout, an artist who does charicatures, has been coming to the event for the past 20 years. Scout expressed his excitement for being a part of the event. Scout said that MC Rockville Campus is his favorite college.

The Student Senate attended the function to aquire concerns and issues from the students in an effort to better represent the student body to college administration.

Howard Lansat was there with Talk of the Town, a variety entertaiment company, that has been helping Montgomery College for the past four years.

`“It is very rewarding to be able to put this event together, and because of budgeting cuts we try to make [Talk of the Town] very accessible for the college.” said Lansat. Talk of the Town supplied the event with food, photos taken by a professional photographer and the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game.

Ana Gutierrez, a part time student and employee of Talk of the Town added, “This event helps people engage with each other, who knows, maybe with the same major. In order to take classes together and become part of each others lives.”

The Welcome Back event is held every semester on campus. It occurs inside at the Theatre Arts Building in Spring and outside for the Fall semester. It is advertized with flyers passed out by students on campus and on the Montgomery College website.

Even though the college had some budget cuts the Student Life Office still managed to put together an afternoon of just leisure with nothing else to worry about.