MC Rockville library is home to some new iMacs

Students who haven’t taken a trip to the campus library in Macklin Tower lately might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are eight new iMacs on the first floor. The new computers were acquired this semester.

The iMacs are bright, shiny, and pretty. They have an ample display and sport a very intuitive operating system. For those who never use Apple technology (myself included): all apps are accessible through a single click at the bottom of the screen. While Google Chrome does not make an appearance on the machines, Apple’s Safari browser is sleek and easy to use. They do in fact have Microsoft Word. Everything from checking grades to writing papers can be done with ease on the computers. The iMacs are smooth and sexy.

The response among students look positive. Jiaxin Ye remarked that the iMacs were “better than the old computers,” and expressed admiration at their larger screens.

Doug Loesch, who was checking MyMC at the time of the interview, noted that the computers were “faster and prettier.”

The library consists of three floors. The first floor contains computers and reference books, while the two upper levels house books and study rooms. There are a total of 57 computers on the first floor. Eight of these are the new aforementioned iMacs, and the other 49 are Dells that look a lot less cutting-edge with the new machines around.

If you haven’t been to the library and don’t like books, you now have a reason to go.