Sunscreen or Textbooks?


Students wait in line to sign up for summer classes at the admissions office. — Photo by: Chris Jaques

Original May 10, 2011 Issue 16

By: Whitney DeValRoger

Staff Writer

Students wait in line to sign up for summer classes at the admissions office. -- Photo by: Chris Jaques


The end of spring semester is upon Montgomery College and although thoughts of beautiful weather, trips to the beach and late night hangouts with friends may fill some students with excitement, some students are not quite ready to drop their books.

On May 31 Summer Session I begins. Students can expect the same quality of classes offered during the fall and spring. During these current economic hardships, MC still plans to offer numerous courses and hope to see their enrollment numbers continue to grow. The winter session this year increased 18 percent in student enrollment and hours provided over last year’s winter. “What’s interesting to note is that many colleges are drastically cutting their summer programs and course offerings due to their respective budget situations. But at Montgomery College, it’s all systems go this summer,” said Marcus Rosano, Media Relations Specialist.

With a projected 15,900 students taking credited classes this summer, many are seeing it as a way to play catch up and finish necessary courses. “I have to finish Bio,” exclaims student Kimberly Alcantara.

Like many other MC students, Alcantara has to balance work and school to fit into her life. What is convenient is that MC offers another way to make the process of going to school more accessible. With the summer split between two different sessions, the second beginning July, students are better able to fit classes into their schedules. “If I don’t do the first session, then I will definitely do the second.”

The spring semester may be finishing but education never ends. The summer sessions offered at MC are a great opportunity to further accelerate class completion. With two sessions, starting in May and July, students have their choice in what classes they want to take. Now comes the difficult decision: sunscreen or textbooks.