MC Goes Mobile


Starting February 14, students with smart phones can access the new MC Mobile website. — Photo by: Devon Singer

February 8, 2011 Issue 10

By: Liz Whiting

Staff Writer

Starting February 14, students with smart phones can access the new MC Mobile website. -- Photo by: Devon Singer

The future is now for smart phone users

Mobile websites and applications may be the new shortcuts of the technological future. With just a simple click of an icon, one can be flooded with an abundant amount of information in a matter of seconds.

Coming February 14, 2011, Montgomery College will launch the sample, or beta, version of its very own mobile website. The website will be smart phone and iTouch friendly and could be utilized for quick info on the go.

The new mobile website will allow students access to resources such as campus maps, faculty and staff directories, various social medias, emergency information, calendars and other great features, all in an instant.

A lot of work has been put into creating this, but will the students use this new technology? Marc Bolea, a web graphic designer for Montgomery College, said, “Most definitely.”

Bolea, who assisted in the project, seemed excited for the launch. Bolea said that the beta is an actual live version that will be usable, but will also assist in the learning process to develop a more effective and efficient mobile website. It is relatively new thing for colleges to implement, and is on par with many larger universities. As far as community colleges go, Montgomery College is ahead of the game.

So far, it appears that Bolea was correct in his student usage prediction. Yoshi Lee, a sophomore at Montgomery College said, “It is more convenient for me to use the website from my iTouch or phone than to log on to a computer. I will also use the social media links.”

Marcos Moya, another Montgomery College student, also said he would be using the mobile site. “I would definitely use this to access data more effectively because currently it is very slow to access from my phone,” said Moya. It seems that many students are looking forward to the new mobile technology.

Overall, it looks like this new mobile website will push Montgomery College even further into the technological world and advance the College as a whole.