Students Gear Up For Spring Fashion

Original: February 8, 2011 Issue 10

By: Sierra Vinson

Staff Writer


It is time to put the fashion style in neutral because this spring season is all about wearing neutral colors. Browns, off-whites and whites, and peach are in this year’s Spring collection. If the neutral colors are not the direction you want to go this Spring, other colors are honeysuckle pink, coral rose, regatta blue, bold yellow, and a new hue of orange.

To be original this Spring people have to take drastic measures and be “electric chic.” Do not match what looks good together, but mix and match different colors together. This is the style that is a fashion favorite for the spring. This style will not go against you, unless the outfit is not well assembled.

Bring back the 70’s this Spring with high waist skinny jeans, High waist bell bottom jeans, the 70’s style, and prints are all in for the spring. Anna Fogel wants to have a vibrant spring collection and wants to make sure she changes up her style this spring.

“I love Ralph Lauren’s spring collection because there are lots of colors in the collection. The skirts, pants, and dresses are very comfortable and classy. I love Ray Band evader’s they are very fashionable and add a little spice to my outfit.” Said Fogel.

Ashanti Johnson’s favorite season is spring because of the warm weather and its fashion season. Johnson says “This spring I will be wearing skirts, cardigans, flip flops, sandals, and dresses. Arden B is one my favorite stores. The clothes are very chic, and there is a huge selection that I can choose from.”

This spring it is time to take control and be a trend setter. Take the fashion world by storm and own your look!