Men’s Soccer Roundup

September 7, 2012 vs Howard Community College

The Raptors couldn’t get satisfaction against Howard Community College, under the management of new coach Pedro Braz.

MC Raptors held possession for most of the game. It was a 80% vs 20% advantage in their favor.

The Raptors had 12 shots on goal, but it was Howard that proved to be the aggressor, when in the 45th minute, Saamir Diarra and Ian Ooko each took a shot on goal, only to hit woodwork both times.

MC had the better chances but couldn’t convert.

In the 40th minute, Howard CC got a chance on goal with two attackers, but the defenders couldn’t catch Meshal Alduaig who put the ball into the back of the net, giving Howard the lead.

Things seemed to be looking up, as five minutes later,  Barok Shecter had a great opportunity but couldn’t find the net.

Howard CC’s Lucas Leiva and Kevin Vogepohl received one yellow card

After the half, the Raptors came out looking to tie the game, but in the 49th minute, it was Howard that had a missed chance on goal. Six minutes later, MC missed another goal after a shot from Diarra, who also shot again in the 70th minute after a Raptors corner kick.

The 78th minute saw a beautiful MC play with Chris Cao in position to score, but again the back of the net proved illusive.

In the 79th minute MC got their second corner of the match, with another chance missed by Diarra.

In the 87th minute, MC was trying hard to tie the game, but the worst moment for MC took place. Howard had the last shot and secured the victory with a 2-0, with 2 goals of Meshal Alduag.

“We deserved to win. We possessed the ball for longer time during the entire game. This result is very unfair for the team, because they worked very hard.We had bad luck” new coach Braz commented.

Regarding the penalty that the referee didn’t call, Braz added “ of course it was a clear penalty, but that is the referee’s problem. He didn’t see it as we did, but those things tend to happen in soccer.”

“The best player for this game is hard to define, since all the players did a great job while trying hard to win” Braz said.”Again, we deserved to win. We had 20 chances, and they had only 2,” Braz concluded.

September 10, 2012 vs Northern Virginia Community College

In the match against North Virginia, MC scored 2 goals, one by Chris Cao, and the another by Mohammad Oulare.

September 12, 2012 vs Cecil County Community College

After that well deserved victory, the Raptors played against Cecil, on September 12,2012. It was a amazing result for MC: 6-1, with goals by Diarra, Okoo,Balla, Thron, Oulare, Kankoe, one assistance for Cao, Kankoe, and one assistance for Shecter. Cecil’s only goal came from Lance England.

September 14, 2012 vs College of Southern Maryland

On Friday, September 14, came another important 4-1 victory against the College of Southern Maryland.

In the 19th minute, Nick Castro was fouled inside of the penalty area, which resulted in a penalty being given. He scored and the Raptors took the early lead, and 5 minutes later, Ryan Garvin of Southern Maryland leveled the game, 1-1.

A great chance arose in the 34th minute with a play from Ngnmeni to Castro shot, but it ended up saved by Southern Maryland’s goalkeeper There were no yellow cards during the first half.

After the half in the 49th minute, Diarra made it to Southern Maryland’s goal but was fouled in the process, giving MC another chance at a penalty kick. Again, Castro scored, and MC took the lead again, with a score of 2-1.

Near the end of the ninety minutes, Brandon Mckoy found the back of the net, and the Raptors were leading by 3-1. Three minutes later, Oulare scored the fourth goal, giving the Raptors their fifth win of the season.

“The players are still getting used to playing together. I noticed that during every game, they improve a lot,” Assistant coach Harvey Livington commented. “Regarding the best player for this game, he added “ Mckoy and Castro were the best players in this game. They both scored, and played a great game.”

“I wouldn’t have done anything differently for this game. Our squad for this game responded very well. We dominated the second half. This game met our expectations. Now we are hoping to make it to the Nationals” Livington concluded.