Constitution Day 2012 at Montgomery College

September 17 marked the 225th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. On this day, publicly funded educational institutions around the country celebrate, albeit by law, by teaching students about the history of the Constitution.

As part of the festivities, MC Rockville invited a James Madison impressionist to speak to students, and James Madison came with a purpose: to make sure students came away with more knowledge of the Constitution’s relationship with the government.

“It’s too easy for subsequent generations to lose that perception of the government’s role [relative to] the Constitution and their responsibility to the Constitution,” he said while standing at the base of the Rockville Campus amphitheater before the speech. “And if they don’t abide by that, then they are entirely responsible for the government and the governing that they get.”

Educating those who might not otherwise know much about the Constitution is key, said Madison.

“The Constitution is the only document and the only element that ties all Americans together. That’s what makes it so fundamental.”

Photos by Sonia Matos.