Not Just a Criminal Profiler

Original: February 22, 2011 Issue 11

By: Shelli Block

Staff Writer


Some Sage Words From Pat Brown

Pat Brown, a criminal profiler and author, spoke candidly in a phone interview from her home on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011. She began by commenting about women’s self-defense classes.

“The self-defense classes should be stopped. They give women a false sense of security. If you don’t know how to fight, you don’t know how to fight. She firmly stated that,

“Women who take self-defense classes use “girlie punches that they can’t unlearn in a few hours.” Take martial arts or boxing instead.” She stressed that it’s important to work out on a regular and serious basis. Women benefit more from these activities because they help them discover what they’re physically capable of. Their physical strength determines which type of defense method they need.

She further pointed out that women need to “Recognize what the predator sees you as, evaluate yourself, and know who your opponent is. You have to be proactive.” One example she gave was of a half drunk woman walking in a parking lot wearing high heels. She emphasized that this type of behavior would immediately draw attention to the woman.

“Think like a predator, which I (the predator) am going to go for? “ She continued, “Serial killers like small, easily managed girls and women. They like the stereotypical cute cheerleader types that weigh about 110 to 130 pounds; they can’t lose the fight and their conquest makes them feel like they’ve taken the top prize away from the community. “Ms. Brown’s advice for women is “don’t go into any isolated areas, whenever you give a predator a window of opportunity, he’ll get you.

In addition she suggested that women profile themselves. Women need to look in the mirror and ask themselves the following questions: Who am I? What would someone target me? Mostly, women should be honest with themselves otherwise they will get into trouble. Women who take precautions have a markedly less chance of being attacked.

She illustrated her point by recalling her recent visit to Egypt from Dec. 31 till Jan. 18. Upon her arrival, she bought Egyptian clothing and headwear in order to fit in. She explained that it was important for her research and protection.

Looking similar to the locals, helped them be more comfortable with her and keeping covered and wearing the hijab lessened male aggressiveness toward her .She said she was lucky to have left before the revolution started.