Healthy Eats

Original: March 8, 2011 Issue 12

By: Shelli Block

Staff Writer

Local restaurant offers healthy eating options

The Pita Hut, an Israeli run kosher restaurant, offers healthy food with a unique twist. Part of a cluster of stores on North Washington street in West Rockville, the Pita Hut provides diners with fresh, natural, foods that tantalize the diner’s taste buds.

Upon entrance, the aroma of homemade pita bread lures the potential diner to the front counter whereupon he/she is greeted by Manager Eli Alosh who offers them a variety of 28 vegetables and salads as well as falafel, kebabs and grilled meats.

“Everything we serve here is fresh and kosher, “Alosh stated in a recent interview, “Our vegetables are delivered everyday uncut and our certified chefs prepare them.” He added.

According to Alosh, the three healthiest items Pita Hut offers are:
• Sharwama, a turkey lunch plate or pita and both come with unlimited salad and vegetables. The pita sandwich sells for $9.99, the lunch plate, $11.99.
• The boneless Cornish hen lunch plate or sandwich. The pita sandwich sells for $10.99; the lunch plate sells for $13.99.
• The grilled chicken on a plate or the pita sandwich. The pita sandwich sells for $9.99 and the chicken plate sells for $12.99.
When asked what makes Pita Huts’ food so unique, Alosh responded “We use two mild sauces on all our food, tahini and mango. “Our bread is hand made every day. “He said pointing to the Styrofoam container where fresh bread is stored.

To ensure that the food that enters the restaurant is kosher, Uri, (who could not give his last name due to Rabbinical Council regulations) supervises all products that come in. Explains Uri, “The food must have kosher symbols on it and I supervise the washing of the vegetables to make sure that there is no residue on them”

As lunchtime nears, MC student Adam Schwadron stood in line to order.
“I’m Israeli, I love the food, it’s delicious and I come often. So do all my friends who are also MC students.”

Manager Eli Alosh has a message for MC students “Come once and I’ll take care of you.”