Review: 21 Jump Street


Manuel Suarez. Staff Writer

21 Jump Street started as a TV show from 1987 until 1991, and on March 16 of this year the movie was released.

The story begins in 2005, when Scmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are high school students. Schmidt is a nerd, and Jenko is a popular guy. Jenko makes Schmidt sad and then he is forbidden to go to his prom.

After High School, Schmidt is in a police station, studying to be a police officer. He meets Jenko there. They become partners, and friends. They find a gang, and when they arrest a criminal in the park, they do not say his Miranda rights. They are sent to 21 Jump Street, a section of the police department where they work with teenagers, and they meet Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). He sends them undercover to a high school in search of a drug dealer who is selling it to the students.

The movie is mainly a comedy, but it has some romance and some action, plus a lot of drama. The entire movie is very funny. The funniest scene is at the beginning, when the two partners graduate as police officers and they ride bicycles in a park.

In one of the last scenes, Schmidt and Jenko are in a shootout, and it turns out that Schmidt wants to be a hero. He jumps and shoots and he doesn’t hit anybody. The audience really laughed in that one.

This is a really good movie to watch with friends, and to laugh a lot.