Transfer Day: When it Is Time to Move On


Photo by: Andrea Clara-Vega

Original: March 8, 2011 Issue 12

By: Dominic Gwinn

Staff Writer

On Feb. 24, hopeful students intent on learning more about the transfer process from a two year community college to a four year university took part in Transfer Day. -- Photo by: Andrea Clara-Vega

Local colleges strut their stuff during MC’s Transfer Day

On Thursday, Feb. 24, Montgomery College’s Rockville Campus was host to a number of area universities for its annual Transfer Day. For those unlucky (and lazy) students that missed it, Transfer Day is when representatives of major universities descend upon the campus in droves, then briefly describe in five minutes why you should spend your hard-earned student loan at their university.

University representatives from just about every iteration and branch of the University of Maryland, (College Park, Baltimore, Eastern Shore) Bowie State, McDaniel, Frostburg, Salisbury, Towson and other local and private colleges spoke with students about how to transfer from M.C. to their choice university. As students collected highlighters, pens and pamphlets, they were instructed on how to attend the university of their choice with information such as transfer deadlines, general application information and the acceptable minimum grade point average.

“We always like to see leadership in a student, because we expect that once they come to college park they’ll carry that skill on,” said Jessie Bowen, representative for the University of Maryland, College Park. “Being involved in student organizations is great, but we’re really just looking for leadership and involvement in the community…We’re really going to put the majority of our review on our applications.”

Photo by: Andrea Clara-Vega

Of course, not every institution bases its acceptance of students on transfer applications. According to Megan Kraus and Lauren Brenner of D.C.’s prestigious American University, “The essays are really important for our application,” commented Brenner. “Transfer students tend to not write about our essay question; they want to tell us who they are and why they want to come here, basically their life story.”

“We’re looking for students who want to come to AU and who can offer AU something,” adds Kraus. “We’re looking for students that are driven…We have 70 programs. Our most popular [are] business administration, international studies, political science, psychology and we have a great communications program.”

For students looking for an escape from the hustle of the concrete jungles of the District, there are a smaller institution like Frostburg, Salisbury and McDaniel College.

Jonathon Colon, a representative of Salisbury University on the Eastern Shore likens the campus as a cozy college. “Salisbury itself is a city, but it’s not that big of a city, so it definitely has that whole community feel to it,” remarked Colon.

“That same thing takes place in the class rooms, too. Our average class size is 23. The professors that we have on campus are there because they want to give that attention to their students. Not only does that community atmosphere take place on campus, but often time’s students might go to their professor’s house on a Sunday for a study session or a barbecue. Everything is about closeness on campus.”

“Maybe a student is looking to get out of the more urban or suburban setting,” said Derk Barnnet of Frostburg, “and that’s one of the things they could look forward to at Frostburg…we have a lot of hikers, bikers and mountains, so it’s a good place to go if you like the outdoors.

“Our college of education is something that attracts a lot of students, since we were originally founded as a teaching college. Business administration is very popular at our university as well. Some of the more innovative or unique programs would be like our Wild Life our Wild Life Fisheries program, and we’re the only institution in the state of Maryland that offers that…some others include our Urban Regional Planning, Environmental Analysis and Planning. A lot of them revolve around the outdoors.”

Many students, however, are attracted to Montgomery College’s partnership with the University of Maryland, as M.C. graduates are guaranteed admission into the University of Maryland.

“It’s got a good reputation, it’s close to home, and my sister went there.” commented M.C.-R student Lauren Fookes, who stood patiently in a long line to speak to the College Park campus’s representatives. “I feel like I’d be more comfortable with the campus.”

Students looking for the appropriate university are encouraged by all representatives to take the time to visit the campus and experience the unique programs that each institution offers. Hopefull transferees should also look at the student population itself to gauge the pro’s and con’s of each university.

Students should remember to use the aide of each campus’s guidance department, the ARTSYS system. A computer program which assits students transferring from community college to a four year institution.

After all, a four year degree is something to seriously consider as a proper education is a necessity during this era’s fledgling economic times.