Good Study Habits, Tips & Tricks

Shelton Fitch. Staff Writer

The spring semester at Montgomery College is well over three weeks old. Beginning semester tests and quizzes are starting to roll in, and so are the demands of studying. Of course, there are different methods of studying. Some students prefer studying in the cafeteria, or maybe in the quiet seclusion of a library. “What works me is concentrating in a quiet environment with no distractions and just getting it done,” said Freddie Peralta, a former MC student.

Like Freddie, most students prefer a quiet environment in which they can focus on their material and absorb the information. Studying is crucial for all students. Whether it is mathematics, science, architecture or even art, studying is prevalent in all subjects. Studying can often seem tedious or even boring at times. The trick is to design your own study habits so that you can be successful as a student and earn the best grade possible.

The best way to form your own study habits is to see what works best for you. Try out some different methods for yourself. Take, for example, a group study. Some students find that group studying is a very effective way to gather notes and other tips from fellow students. Your classmates may even be able to give you some techniques and recommendations on how to study. In a group study, you also have the opportunity to ask your friends or classmates questions about materials you don’t understand.

Asking your professors about study techniques is also a great way to gain insight into different methods. Professors may be able to recommend websites or books that can aid you with memorization of material, for example. Whatever your method, studying will follow you throughout your career as a student. It’s important to see what works for you while the semester is still early. Look at your past semesters, and ask yourself, “Did I do a good job at studying?” “What can I do differently to be more successful this semester?”

Whatever your habits are, remember that  it is important to always take a break from intensive studying, and never rely on cramming at the last minute. Studying over a lengthy period of time will always yield better results than cramming at the last minute. In the long run, improving your study habits will help you learn unknown material better, and it can even encourage you to memorize material you already know so that you can master your subjects. Above all, always try your best, and study accordingly.