Raptors Forever: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bracelet Making During Raptor Week

Instructions explained for Raptor Week’s fourth activity.

Ayesha Adnan

Instructions explained for Raptor Week’s fourth activity.

Alana McCarthy Light

On Thursday of the Raptor Week return to campus extravaganza, Montgomery College students congregated to make Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Intention Bracelets. Raptor participants engraved letters into a gold lifesaver using a hammer.

The most common intention for the bracelet-makers? Passing this semester!

Eleanor, a voice major, and Karter, a film major, coordinated their bracelet intentions: doctor bug, and bug doctor, respectfully. They both like bracelets, and they both like passing their classes. Getting through their majors and graduating defines their upcoming school year.

On the topic of graduation, Raptor Week welcomed back Ethan – biology major –  who graduated last spring. He attended for his friend Kolabo, a hospitality major. Ethan, now at University of Maryland (UMD), chipped in an intention of his own: STUDY! Biochemistry major Anna, who tagged along with the group, chipped in:  “Happiness and science is the intention. For me, that’s one in the same.” They recommend Professor Laura Anna, Chair of the Chemistry Department.

Students Karter and Eleanor collaborate their intention bracelets with the words “doctor bug” and “bug doctor.” (Alana McCarthy Light)
Alumni Ethan revisits MC with his friend Anna for Raptor Week! (Ayesha Adnan)
Raptor Chris carefully crafts their Intention Bracelet. (Alana McCarthy Light)













Nanda, a general engineering major, actively explores college’s workings at MC; as the first in his family to attend college, he definitely plans to attend events. Nanda went to all the Raptor Week events; his favorite being the barbecue with games and a bouncy house.

Katherine, a nursing major in her junior year, intends to “focus on school, (get) straight A’s, study for tests, and apply to USGMD.” Bracelet making attracted her because she wanted to share something fun with a friend. Katherine currently does not engage in Montgomery College student life, but has interest.

Riya, freshman hospitality and tourism major, thought Montgomery College to be: “pretty cool; very big; very friendly.” She expresses interest in the “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” movie night. Riya’s intentions: good grades, focus on classes, and join clubs.

Maryanne, a Nigerian-born computer science freshman, also found Montgomery College to be very nice because of “events and socialization.” The intention of Maryanne had a beautiful scientific nature: “Growth, change. I just want to grow.”

Anna, aspiring music educator, flutist, and music major, wants to get more involved in student life after attending Raptor Week. Her intention words are determination and education, driven by her desire to become a better musician.

Student Life implores all raptors to visit the Office of Student Life in the Student Services Building, Room SV 104A.

With determination, Anna holds up their Intention Bracelet. (Alana McCarthy Light)
Merchant coaches Raptors on how to engrave letters into their Intention Bracelets. (Ayesha Adnan)