Paint and Plant by Student Activities Board

An event in celebration of Earth Week 2022 hosted by the Student Activities Board at the Rockville Campus

Organizers, Patrick and Christiane help participants with supplies.

Ayesha Adnan and Morgan McHenry

The Montgomery College Rockville Office of Student Life organized a Paint and Plant event on April 19th in celebration of Earth Week 2022. Participants began entering the student services building atrium at around 12:00 pm. Music was playing, and the tables were set. Participants were provided with pots and paints to showcase their creative side.

Students were seated around the atrium with friends and other attendees, unleashing their inner artistic side. There was laughter filling the first floor and colors everywhere. Patterns and abstracts were painted on pots ready to be sown in. Once they finished painting, the pots were sprayed, and flower seeds of their choice were sown, ready for them to take home.

The event was a major hit among the attendees. Over 90 students attended the event, and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Many participants were coming back for seconds. It was the perfect event to unwind during spring and celebrate Earth Week. With finals approaching, such events provide the students with a much-needed break and a way to unwind as they complete semester projects and prepare for exams.

When talking to The Advocate about his experience as the event organizer, Patrick Ibanez said, “I really liked hosting Paint and Plant with Christiane. The event was pretty busy but it was really fun seeing everyone enjoy themselves.”

We really look forward to this event again next year. Hopefully, the event will take place outdoors if the weather cooperates. Patrick Ibanez, Christiane Bonkoungou, and their team did such a commendable job, and we hope to see more of such fun activities around campus.

Enjoy the events’ highlights through the lens of the Advocate photographer, Morgan McHenry!