Become a LinkedIn Learning Student Champion! Here’s Why:


Brigitte Kaba

Leadership, organization, communication. These are all examples of skills that companies seek in a candidate. So, how can students prepare themselves for the job competition? Fortunately, Montgomery College students have access to thousands of expert-led videos at no cost on the LinkedIn Learning website, just by using their MC email address.

Besides having access to the LinkedIn Learning platform, Montgomery College students seeking a resume-boosting volunteer experience should also consider applying to the LinkedIn Learning Student Champion Program. Candidates accepted into this program have the opportunity to become an ambassador for all of Montgomery College. Upon completion of this program, students will be awarded the following:

•An expansive network of individuals both on campus and LinkedIn employees

•Empowering leadership experience

•A career-ready portfolio of projects

•Recognition as a LinkedIn platform expert

•Showcases and mentions in publications like newsletters

•A reference letter from LinkedIn

•Certification of program completion

The only catch? Students must complete 80 project points by a set deadline to receive all of the benefits listed above.

Types of Projects

Working alongside fellow Champions, students have the opportunity to share and collaborate on their projects. The types of projects can range from blog posts to presentations, each with a different point value. Each Student Champion is encouraged to share their accomplishments and keep track of their projects while collaborating with others.

How Has This Program Impacted Me, a Montgomery College Student?

Being an International Relations major in this virtual world has been no easy task. With no way to increase my foreign experiences during this time, I have struggled to build the connections and experiences that will enhance my skill set. However, the opportunity to connect with fellow learners from across the world and develop a better understanding of the skills needed for a global career as a Student Champion has been hugely beneficial.

Out of curiosity, I watched “Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact,” hosted by Tatiana Kolovou, Senior Lecturer at Indiana University, on the LinkedIn Learning Student Champion Program platform. Once enrolled in this program, Student Champions from MC can access the videos hosted by independent professionals and use the LinkedIn platform to display their projects to the group.

Tact, Kolovou says, is a self-awareness skill, whereas diplomacy is a mindset that involves the people around you. Lacking both can create a permanent black mark on your reputation. Examples of utilizing both methods can include: pausing before speaking, especially in difficult situations, listening attentively and empathizing with others, walking in another person’s shoes while trying to understand their perspective. Of course, being mindful of changing your communication style depending on which kind of environment you find yourself in.

Students should learn how to become stronger communicators, and the LinkedIn Learning Student Champions Program is an excellent way to build this skill.

Eager to learn? Check out these top 20 videos:

The LinkedIn Learning Student Champions Program will start accepting applications in August 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a mentor, secure your future, and explore!
The possibilities are simply endless.