Review – “Resolution” by Lamb of God


Manuel Suarez. Staff Writer







“Lamb of god,” one of the most popular true metal bands, released their new studio album, Resolution, last Tuesday, January 24. This is their seventh work, after Wrath in 2009. They recently hit the 930 club in D.C. on Saturday January 28.

The album starts with the song, “Straight for the sun.” It mixes growling with slow guitar riffs. There are a lot of parts in the song where Randy Blythe screams.

Next up is “Desolation.” It starts with very fast rhythms, and high screaming by the vocalist.  They mix the lead vocals with the backing vocals in a part of the song, then add effects to the vocals and an aggressive drum playing.

“Ghost walking” is the following song. It starts with clean guitar, then going to the distorted part. The vocals for this song are very aggressive, just like the old LoG songs. Again, there are parts where they mix lead and backing vocals. There is good guitar technique from Willie Adler and Mark Morton.

In the song “Guilty,” they all start playing the instruments and suddenly change the rhythms. Besides the other songs, this one doesn’t have much feeling in the vocals, guitars or the drums.

“The Undertow” begins with only one guitar, then the other guitar starts as the drums and the vocals continue. There is a lot of feeling. You can listen to this song and really feel the music. It’s very aggressive, very strong.

“The Number Six” has harmonics since the beginning, but not much feeling in the instruments. This album is very strong, talking about the way the music makes you feel. Two out of six songs are not good enough, but so far this album is powerful. Then they play with clean guitars.

“Invictus” starts at medium speed. This is the third song that I don’t like from this album. There is a part where Blythe is whispering. There are 14 songs on the album, and four of them are not very catchy.

“Cheated” reminds me of punk when the drummer yells. This song has a fast rhythm. It doesn’t sound perfect, but it doesn’t sound bad either.

“Insurrection” has clean vocals at the beginning. It has aggressive drum playing. Guitars include technique, as well as harmonics.

“Terminally Unique” is a little solo at the beginning. Then it has fast riffs, as usual, and the vocals are very powerful. This is not one of the best songs, but it is still good.

“To the end” has a catchy beginning. You can feel the music when listening to this part, which is also the main riff. Near the end of the song, the lead part is performing with a “wah” pedal. “Visitation” and “King me” are the same type of melodies, with no catchy or emotional parts.