Popcorn with Pollard

MC Hosts their second “Popcorn with Pollard”, where Dr. Pollard hears their concerns.


Courtesy of The Office of Student Life

Students sit down with Montgomery College President Pollard

Mauricio Angel, Contributor

President DeRionne Pollard sat down with students and faculty members to hear their concerns and praises about Montgomery College on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

The event, known as “Popcorn with Pollard,” began during the Fall 2019 semester as a way for attendees to speak with the college head over light refreshments, including popcorn.

She opened the space by asking the tens of participants their favorite thing about the college.

Ludivine, an attendee who asked to be identified by first name only, said, “As a deaf person, it’s nice to see a lot of people sign to communicate.”

another attendee who introduced himself as Eduardo, said, “I am grateful for the community at Montgomery College.” He then added, “I find that each campus has its own identities.”

Many students shared the common appreciation of the college’s diversity as their favorite thing.

“Differences — as much as it is a beautiful thing — it also can scare us,” said President Pollard during the hour-long gathering. “College is sometimes about experiencing what may make you uncomfortable.”

Other students also stopped by to greet Dr. Pollard during their class transition periods, some even meeting her for the very first time.

After the event concluded, Ludivine said, “I just wanted to attend the event to share my story as a deaf person in the hearing community. My whole family is hearing. My sister, who goes to this school, is hearing.”

The next “Popcorn with Pollard” was held on Thursday, Feb. 13, at the Germantown campus.

The series will conclude at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.