Student Life Office Offers Free Massage Therapy


John WIldeman

Students get a free 10 minutes massage.

John Wildeman, Writer

Students were pampered with free massage therapy as part of the “Relax Before Finals” program.  Massages were 10 minutes each and administered by state certified therapists from Relaxation Alternative Wellness Center in Gaithersburg.  Massage sessions took place in the Campus Center Building on Dec. 10 and 11.

Massage is a general term for the manipulation of muscles, skin, and tendons.  Manipulation is done by rubbing or pressing and may range from light stroking to heavy pressure.  Studies have shown that a massage can be an effective treatment for muscle pain and tension.

“The benefits [of a massage] include a decrease in stress and anxiety, and improved mood, circulation, and flexibility,” said Sarah Meneses, a certified massage therapist since 2002.  She said, “when students leave, they’re usually in the zone, feeling good.”  In addition to the benefits listed by Meneses, The Mayo Clinic includes improved sleep, improved digestion, and a general feeling of caring, and comfort.  Indeed, massage is a valuable tool for managing health and well-being.

Jen Bryant, a student, was among those enjoying the free service.  She said that she is stressed about finals but that the massage, her first, helped a lot.  “They asked if I had any problem areas and were able to focus attention on my sore shoulders.”  With a smirk she added that 10 minutes wasn’t enough.

The “Relax Before Finals” program was hosted by the Office of Student Life from Dec. 10 to the 11.  Other activities included a relax & refresh coloring mixer, a sip and paint evening, and 15 minute meditation lessons.