PE Evacuated for Asbestos.


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Maia Cafri, Staff Writer

The college abruptly closed the Physical Education Building Tuesday night after finding asbestos in the building.

A meeting was held by the college Wednesday morning with faculty and staff working in the building. Students were not invited to or notified of this meeting before it took place.

According to an MC Communication email sent by Dr. Marvin Mills, the building was closed after finding asbestos in the ceiling, which could have possibly been released after a tile replacement a month prior. A source who was present for Wednesday’s meeting said the asbestos is Crysotile, the most common type of asbestos.

Asbestos is usually safe as long as it is undisturbed, but improvements like tile replacement have potential to release it into the air. The surfaces and air in the building will be tested for mold and particulate matter, in addition to asbestos. The college had tests performed that showed no hazardous mold in the Physical Education Building earlier in the semester.

[Maryland Occupational Safety and Health] authorities have told the College that the PE Building scenario does not constitute a major release of asbestos fibers.” Mills Said, “Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, the College is treating this as a significant health concern and will work closely with occupational safety experts to follow all necessary protocols.”

Dr. Hung K. Cheung, an expert in Respiratory Enviornmental Medicine, is working with the college on the building. Dr. Cheung will also be meeting with those who were working in the building to address their concerns starting this week and will continue into the spring semester.

Currently there is no date set to reopen the building. However, the building is set to be closed at least through the end of the fall semester. MC communications released a list of all classes relocated Wednesday night.


Relocated PE Building Classes