Rockville Elections: Newton Wins!


Bridget Newton

Matthew Watson, Staff Writer

On Nov. 5, residents of Rockville sent ballots via mail for their next mayor and council members as part of the 66th Mayor & Council elections.

The ballot process was a historical first for Maryland residents, since ballots were mailed to each resident’s home, rather than residents going out physically to fill out ballots.

The announcement was made on Nov. 12 that Bridget Donnell Newton won the mayoral campaign. Newton earned 7,600 votes and 63.69% of all votes and beats Virginia D. Onley, who earned 4,621 votes and the remaining 35.71%. According to the election results, a total of 12,287 ballots were cast, with 74 being provisional ballots.

This marks Newton’s third term as mayor. She was elected alongside council members Monique Ashton, Beryl L. Feinberg, David Myles and Mark Pierzchala. As mayor, Newton will continue working with the Council to “define the priority initiatives that serve as their collective work plan” as stated on City of Rockville’s official website. These priority initiatives include Good Governance, Safe and Livable Neighborhoods, and Informed and Engaged Residents.

“I am honored to be serving with this group of people and this is what success looks like for the city of Rockville,” said Mayor Newton in an interview with “We have turned a new page, and going forward, this is going to be wonderful. I’m very very excited.”

The Advocate reached out to Mayor Newton and the City of Rockville for comment, but unfortunately has not yet received a response.