SHaW Center Serves Up with “Lunch on the Go”.


Matthew Watson

Students getting Lunch on the Go!

Matthew Watson, Staff Writer

The Student Health and Wellness Center at Montgomery College held their monthly Lunch on the Go event on Tuesday, Oct. 15 from 12-2PM. It was held in the Science Center; students were able to pick from an assortment of savory foods for free, including chicken tenders, fries, and pizza.

This event was coordinated by Sergio Washington, who is responsible for overseeing other Student Health and Wellness Center events, such as the Mobile Market and Snack Bags.

Dozens of students were in attendance as soon as the event began, including first year student Vanessa Bendaña. Bendaña enthusiastically expressed her thoughts about Lunch on the Go, saying “I think it ran pretty smoothly, though there wasn’t a whole lot of seating nearby; I saw people balancing pizza plates on their knees while they sat!”

The main focus of the Lunch on the Go program is to raise awareness of the Peer2Peer Program, an initiative at Montgomery College that offers “leadership outside of the classroom, student employment opportunities, [and] support, encouragement, and connection to College resources” according to their main page

“Lunch on the Go is a good way to make people aware of the Peer2Peer Program,” noted a second year student, who noticed the event happening while walking to their next class. “I’ve never really thought about committing to it, but there are a lot of resources that students have but don’t use.”

Sizhe Xie, a fourth year student, found out about Lunch on the Go on social media. “It’s nice to see how you can pick up food and not have to pay any money. Many Montgomery College students can have better nutrition with this event to be more successful.”

Rockville Students who are interested in participating in the next Lunch on the Go can expect a return on November 19, with the following event happening next year on February 6.

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Student Health and Wellness staff giving students information on the Peer 2 Peer program.