Help others by participating in the blood drive.


Yuki Smith

Student donating blood.

Joe Boggio, Associate Editor

On Oct. 8, 2019, the American Red Cross for the Baltimore-Washington area held a blood drive at Montgomery College of Rockville.

According to David Hull, a member of Donor Recruitment Services for the American Red Cross, the purpose of this drive is to collect blood for local community hospitals and even donations for the military.

“Our goal is to get 1 liter of blood per donor because one liter can benefit up to three people in need of it,” said Hull.

The average human body can have 10-12 liters of blood in their body, making 1 liter a small donation for people in need.

“It is estimated that up to 38% of the population is able to give blood but only 8% of that 38% actually gives any,” said Hull. “If you’re feeling nervous about this, know that it is safe and we have snacks and water for everyone who donates so they don’t feel dizzy afterward.”

The average person is able to give blood after 56 days, or every two months.

“We have a pre-screening for this, we check blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and have questionnaires to ensure eligibility for each person,” says Hull. “We hope to do this again in late March so that if you missed it this time around then we can catch you the next time.”

For those who wish to assist with the American Red Cross by organizing blood drives or helping in disaster relief, visit to volunteer.