Let Interests of All Kinds Shine


Yuki Smith

Club leader speaking to students

Aiesha Solomon, Staff Writer

Ever wanted to fit in with a group of people with similar interests as your own? Montgomery College held their Fall 2019 Club Rush, on September 18, 2019, from 12 to 2 pm on their Rockville Campus. Everything from creative writing, world language, Korean culture, and Japanese anime. It’s all there, and many students already in clubs are looking for people with a passion for similar to their own and the ability to work with others.
Many students missed the Club Rush, but that’s okay because this will article will include a short recap of the event. When you first step out of the theater building or the Science Center there was a big crowd of students and multiple tables set up. Each table is a different club with some of its members sitting or standing close by to answer any and all questions from the students passing by. Most tables also had a project board set up to showcase their activities, pictures of places they have gone as a group, and even reasons why their club is special. Anytime you felt the need to cool down from the sun Montgomery College provided a Rita’s Italian Ice station where one could get a cold treat.
When interviewed many club leaders, such as the leaders of Korean Language and World Religion, are happy to include international students who need somewhere to belong. These club members can help students from all over the world integrate themselves to the culture in the United States. Along the way, international students can learn more about the diverse culture of the U.S.  Even if a student may know the language it is great to get help which will further their knowledge about another culture.
Club Rush gives students a way to interact with multiple clubs at one place rather than having to find their meeting place at separate times. This event is only one of the ways Montgomery College showcases its diversity and various services, it was created just to bring different students together. Whether you’re a Law, Medicine, or English major, come join the festivities.