Teal Tuesdays Reach Montgomery College for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)


Montgomery College brought its first Teal Tuesday to several of its campuses this week to increase awareness and sensitivity to sexually violent acts. On Tuesday, April 2, MC joined activists, universities, and communities across the country in providing information on prevention and public awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).

According to Urge.org, in 2001 the National Sexual Violence Resource Center conducted a survey finding teal was most often used color in association with SAAM and nearly half the survey participants preferred a ribbon as their symbol.

The theme for SAAM 2019 is “I Ask” and on Tuesday, April 2, Montgomery College had sexual assault awareness information tables on Rockville and Takoma Park/Silver Spring campuses from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. providing information concerning consent and how society should engage in consensual sexual interactions.

Angela Dawson, Program Coordinator at Montgomery College expressed the necessity of distributing this information on college campuses. “It is of utmost importance to me,” Dawson said. “Part of this helps the College meet VAWA, Clery Act and Title IX mandates. Mostly, I know this is a necessary issue that impacts everyone at MC in some manner”.

According to the Clery Center, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), the Clery Act, and Title IXare all various pieces of legislation to which college institutions must abide. Each act is to ensure certain protections are maintained.

“No one should feel hindered or unsafe due to sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking, dating violence, or any form of harassment,” Dawson said. “Montgomery College is committed to ensuring the environment is safe for all by implementing policies, procedures, and programs that discourages all forms of sexual misconduct.”

As Teal Tuesdays serve as the on-campus event for the month of April, Dawson says that social media will be utilized to further spread awareness of sexual violence in the community. “We’re pushing this on social media and all other communication outlets at the College,” Dawson said.

“This is a college-wide event,” Dawson said. “The information is promoted college-wide and pushed to get students to the event as well as involved.”

Teal Tuesdays will continue throughout the month of April. For more information follow Montgomery College’s SHaW Center @Centershaw on Twitter.