The Box feat. Ryan Collins Radio Show at MC


Local musicians share their talents with Montgomery College students as guests on “The Box.” “The Box,” a Montgomery College Television series in collaboration with the Montgomery College Broadcast Media Production Curriculum, provides students the opportunity to produce their own show and artists the platform to play their music and tell their story.

Episode 20 features singer/songwriter Ryan Collins, a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Berklee has produced legendary musicians and music producers such as 27-time Grammy Award winner Quincy Jones and American guitarist Steven Siro Vai. Collins hopes “The Box” serves as the type of exposure needed to showcase her unique musical style.

“My style is if Maroon 5 and India Arie had a baby,” Collins said. Her single titled ”We’re Through” played on the Montgomery College airwaves. According to “The Box” co-host Kinsey Gibb, it is a gratifying experience.

“It’s really a pleasure to get somebody in the studio… and this person has a new platform,” Gibb said. Gibb, a broadcast journalism major at Montgomery College, has hosted two shows over the last two years and is grateful for the opportunity “The Box” provides artists and students. “’The Box’ is a networking opportunity for students and artists alike to gain hands-on experience in the studio before they get into the industry,” said Gibb.

“The Box” can be heard on eRadio WMCR and on MCTV local channel 10.