#SpookySzn: Montgomery College hosts 3rd Annual Fall Festival to welcome Fall 2018

With the candy-scented thrills of Halloween in the air, fall is officially in season at Montgomery College. Kicking off the entrance into the new season was the Campus Board of Activities’ third annual Fall Festival.

Students were treated to an array of food and fun in front of the Rockville Campus Science Center on Halloween. The high energy on the campus lawn was accompanied by mainstream pop songs by artists such as Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, and America’s current favorite underdog Cardi B.
Students could be seen waiting in line eagerly for their personal caricatures. Petting zoo animals, along with food and games, were also available for the students’ leisure.

During the event, students and staff provided their commentary on their costumes, the festival itself, and its meaning at Montgomery College.
Mubanga, a first-year Montgomery College student, dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants, a children’s cartoon, for Halloween. “Change is about to start happening within our lives,” he declared.
A Campus Activities Board member, who declined to provide their name, stated how the event is significant in helping students cope with stress as November is known for being the most stressful month of the semester. They also said that if a venue were willing to sponsor the event outside of the current vendors providing sponsorship, then more activities and space would be provided for more people to enjoy the event.
One staff member, wearing a wolf mask for a costume, brought it home by saying that the Fall Festival is an essential part of the Montgomery College experience since it brings people (and spirits) together for pumpkin spice and everything nice.