Eyes on the Prize

By: Samuel Silverman Staff Writer

(#13) Gelila Berhane --- Photo: Chris Jacques

The clock was stopped at 6.48 seconds. The Montgomery College Lady Knights and ASA College Lady Avengers both went into timeout. They huddled in groups trying to strategize how to make that last play. The MC Lady Knights played a heroic game last Sunday, November 13. The team managed to come back twice after having been behind twice by 10 points at two different times. Unfortunately for MC they did not hold the winning card for that game. They lost the game 57-55 to ASA. Nevertheless MC has a great women’s basketball team this year with seven returning players and six new players. The team has won three out of five games so far this season.

The women’s basketball head coach, Tarlouh Gasque, has been trying to blend the returning players of last year’s team with the new players fresh out of high school into one cohesive team. She believes that this team is good enough to win Nationals. “Our goal is not to get to Nationals, but to win it,” said Gasque, without the bat of an eye.

Porcha Davis (55), one of the two team captains, thinks that the team is able to focus, listen well, and that they have good team chemistry this year. Davis started playing basketball in fifth grade at the encouragement of her father. Besides basketball, she also works at a home for disabled residents. Through her work, Davis has developed an interest in special education. “Since I started my job with the disabled, I want to move farther on by working in special education for schools,” said Davis.

Faye Dunston (24) is another one of the three starters. She says that she would like to see the team develop as a unit so that they can win the National Championship. Besides basketball, Dunston is in the process of publishing a book entitled, Letters from Faye. The book is based on her life, about changes that she went through last year, and describes her religious awakening. She wrote her book to inspire others.

The other captain of the MC Lady Knights is Alex Silva (1). She believes that the team has the potential of becoming national champions because they all push each other to work hard, so that the team may reach that goal. Her most important activity outside of basketball is spending time with her family and her two brothers. “I want to transfer to any Division I school that gives me the opportunity of fulfilling my dreams,  such as becoming a coach, becoming a better player and becoming a better person. Basketball is not just a game. It is a way of life because it teaches you values for life,” said Silva on next year and basketball as a whole.

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