Argentinian Metal Group Carajo Rocks Blue Beetle

By: Manuel Suarez Staff Writer

Carajo, one of the newest Argentine metal bands, which formed in 2002 after the group A.N.I.M.A.L disbanded, performed for the first time in the United States last Saturday, November 12.

In Chapala Blue Beetle Rock Bar, Apuesta por el Rock, a new organization that brings bands from South America and Hispanic countries to the United States, organized the event. There were five performances that night, some of those bands local.

Among the bands that performed were Izula and Beta. Izula is a local band, formed in Virginia. All of the bands that performed that night were Hispanic bands. The crowd was not very active, until Carajo got in the stage.

They started with their hit “Acido,” and performed songs from all their albums.  They performed Triste, Chico Granada, Joder, Ironia, El Error, Hacerse Cargo, Luna Herida, some Pantera and Metallica covers mixed in one song, and they concluded the concert with Sacate la Mierda.

They sold their last album, El mar de las Almas, for $5, and they signed autographs before and after the show.  The crowd largely consisted of Latinos, but there were a few Americans enjoying the show. Carajo performed in New York on Sunday, November 13, and have since gone back to Argentina to perform shows there.