“Off the Page On the Wall” is a Must See


“No Noise in the Quiet Car” by Rob Sprouse. — Photo: Chris Meneses

By: Mike Hayes Staff Writer

"No Noise in the Quiet Car" by Rob Sprouse. --- Photo: Chris Meneses

An exhibit featuring the work of some of the area’s finest artists is on display at MC-Takoma Park/Silver Spring. “Off the Page On The Wall” brings art of many mediums, be it digital, oil on canvas, and graphite pencil, among others. The Illustrators Club of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia is putting on the exhibit until November 30, and anyone is welcome to visit.

The exhibit is in the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Arts Center and immediately catches the eye of anyone entering the building. While only taking up less than half of the room, the display can entrap the visitor for hours with all of the magnificent artwork. On one end of the gallery, there are handouts giving the artist, name, and price of each piece. Many different styles of art are on display, ranging from classically inspired Pointilism pieces such as David Labrozzi’s “Bull Rider 3” to modern digital art like Kurt Miller’s “Armor”.

On the opposite end of the gallery from the guides is a spotlight section for artist Joseph Smolinski entitled “From Here On…” There are almost a dozen hand drawings from Smolinski and postcards that display his work on the front. Smolinski’s hand drawings “question technology and envision a future of the ‘natural’ world” and are just a mere fraction of the remarkable work on display at “Off the Page On the Wall”. There is an opening reception for “From Here On…” held on Thursday, December 8 from 6 to 8 PM.

The exhibit is open to all attendees from 8 AM until 4 PM leading up to its final day on November 30. Smolinski’s “From Here On…” display, however, will be on open gallery until January 2, 2012.