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Cardi B- Invasion Of Privacy

Cardi B’s new album Invasion of Privacy is already climbing the Billboard 100! Surprise? I think not. Released just last Friday, the album already has four starred songs on Apple Music, and the song “Drip” is playing on Hip Hop stations everywhere.

Cardi tells a story with this album; a story about her rise to fame and of her relationship with rapper Offset, member of the Atlanta-based rap group Migos. Cardi poured her heart and soul into her first album, Gangsta B****, and she has continued to produce music with that same Cardi passion and flair.

A great number of recognizable Hip Hop artists appear on Invasion of Privacy. “Drip” features Migos, Chance The Rapper raps on “Best Life,” “I Like It” features J Balvin and Bad Bunny, Kehlani sings the hook on”Ring,” “Bartier Cardi” features 21 Savage, and “I DO” features SZA.

The first track gives instant chills. The lyrics seem like a personal attack on the listener, as though you have been through the same situations. The rest of the songs are equally powerful, and send an empowering message telling women to be boss ladies. In one track, Cardi explains how to hold your own even when you are going through a heartbreak. Be warned: this album just may get in you deep into your feelings. But the musical talent on the album will not fail to lift your spirits!

One of my favorite songs by her is “Best Life” ft. Chance The Rapper. I really loved the line when she said “Had to talk to God, dropped down and prayed for this. To my surprise he replied, you made for this. I seen the car I wanted then I went and paid for it, cash cash.” I think this is one of the best lines on the whole album because it highlights how hard she has worked and prayed for everything she has today. She goes on to say “I’m gigglin’, can’t let the devil have the last laugh; ain’t no more beefin’ I’m just keeping to myself, in my own competition, I’m competin’ with myself (brrr).” Translation: she’s too busy working on her dreams to be worried about anybody else’s problems, and instead of competing with others she’s competing with herself to be the best she can be.

Cardi B’s album has a lot of bops and truly competes with all her best past work. She has the potential to go even further, and I am excited to see what she releases next! She the homegirl from the Bronx, NY, who you can relate to and respect, now more than ever, for her musical talent and her work ethic. The album gets 5 out of 5 Advocats, for her realness, her attitude, her storytelling, and her lyrics. Thank you, Cardi B, for telling your relatable and inspiring stories.

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