What’s Happening to Parking Lot 4

What was once Parking Lot 4 will soon become a two-story sanctuary that will house all student needs into one facility. Whether it is a new orientation, a student ID, declaring your major, or even joining a new club, this new building will have it all.

It all falls under the Montgomery College Facilities Master Plan, a plan devised to establish a new building specifically for student services. The building will be comprised of two floors with an expansive atrium on the first. Services that seemed distant on campus such as the Welcome Center, Office of Student Life, Financial Aid office, and the Counseling Department, will all be relocated into what we are calling the Student Service Building.

The establishment of the Parking Garage was to make up for the demolition of Parking Lot 4, hence its creation prior to the construction of the Student Services Building.

Officials have not reported what will be the outcome of the original facilities. However, it has been revealed that the current student service building will be demolished and reconstructed into a garden, turning the campus into a more green-friendly environment.