Some resources at MC you may not know about

Montgomery County College has an abundance of resources to offer its students that many may not even know about. Whether it’s if you need extra help in class or something to fill your stomach when your pockets are empty, there may be help on campus that you don’t even know is there.

On the second floor of the Macklin tower, there is a small shelf of food and snacks known as the food pantry. This pantry is a free collection of food and snacks donated by students and faculty for anyone who is hungry and may not have money to feed him or herself on campus. The pantry is facilitated by department head Professor Genevieve Carminati and is available for anyone on campus, regardless of his or her financial status.

On the first floor of the science center building for any nursing mothers on campus, there is a small pod known as the nursing pod so that student mothers can feed their babies comfortably and in privacy.

There are two centers to visit if you need extra help outside of the classroom. On the very first floor of the Macklin Tower is the writing center where students are welcome to come to receive help developing their writing skills, have an essay revised by a peer or even sometimes receive extra credit with approval from a professor. In the science center west, the first floor is open for students seeking help in math. There is a computer lab as well as at faculty on hand for tutoring and assistance with homework and assignments.

Montgomery College is very different than any high school you may have gone to because here, you must request services to use accommodations if you have a disability. The accommodations available on campus can make a huge difference in the success of students with disabilities. So if you do need accommodations of some sort visit the campus’ DSS office to request it.

These resources, as well as many more, are available on campus at the disposal of the students. Visit the Student Welcome Center or the Montgomery College website to learn more about how to take advantage of them to make the best of your time here at MC.